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It is a medium casual style that the locks were blow-dried outwards at the show-off sliced layers through the back and sides.
¥5060(Tax included)
Speical : This style is suitable for who like being the centre of attention. The front of this style is a simple bob look but there are five thin braids at the back to tell the desinger's idea.
¥4510(Tax included)
This is a simple short bob style with jagged bangs that swpet to the side naturally on the face to soften the over-all style.
¥3410(Tax included)
Sleek and smooth features this style ,but please look at the back ! There are three thin braids blend in with this simple long striaght style.It catch everyone's eyes on you .
¥4510(Tax included)
Straight medium chestnut hairstyle has light fringe adds. All the hairs assemble at the back to show a
¥3410(Tax included)
This bouncy hairstyle added curls to mid- lengths to ends allowing the sweet bangs falling down around the face.It suitable for any dressing .
¥3960(Tax included)
Straight medium centre parting style with long bangs to frame the face.All the hairs assemble at the back to show a
¥3410(Tax included)
A lovely short bob style with long bangs sitting on the eyes level.It looks like a helmet putting on your head and frame the face perfectly and completes the over-all look superbly.
¥2970(Tax included)
This amazing hairstyle has a combination of medium base and long length to form the shape.The front is a simple short hairdo and it is long wavy hairs at the back just like using extension to extend the length naturally .
¥3410(Tax included)
Simple and popular pony tails hairstyle.It have large curls at the ends to soften the style and complete it beautifully.
¥3960(Tax included)
This magnificent one length bob style with centre part .The ends has been angled down to spice up the over- all shape.Sleek and smooth is the main aim of this look.
¥3410(Tax included)
It is a soft and lovely long wavy hairstyle.It looks great to have the smooth straight bangs on the forehead to make the over-all style balance.
¥3960(Tax included)
Loose and sexy waves are added to the mid-lengths to ends of these thick tresses to give this look style and shape.It is simple but stunning.
¥3960(Tax included)
Short bangs sit over the brow level .Long Striaght hair in a ladder shape without any layers.It looks simple and fresh.
¥3960(Tax included)
This amazing hairstyle has a combination of medium base and long length to form the shape.The front is a simple meidum hairdo and it is long curl hairs at the back that showing off the contrast finish.
¥3960(Tax included)
These gorgeous thick locks are styled beautifully into waves from the mid- length.The bangs are blow-dried smooth to frame the face adding contrast to the look and completes the over-all style brilliantly.
¥3410(Tax included)
A classic two braids young lady style. Braids leaving at the back and sweeping bangs falling down to frame the face and create the pureness look and feel.
¥3960(Tax included)
The front of this style is the normal thick short bob but there is a thick braid tied at the back with a sharp ribbon to give the simple style shape with big contrast
¥3960(Tax included)
This glamorous one length long large curls style .It worn over one shoulder for sexy and stunning finish. It is great for student look ,reading under the tree.
¥3960(Tax included)
This short straight hairstyle is suitbale to who want to let their dolls to play the prince role.Slick and smooth is the main aim of this look.
¥3410(Tax included)